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Tim's Mobile Lock is a residential, commercial and automotive locksmith serving Ventura and the surrounding areas.  We are a Family Owned and Operated Business.  Tim and his son Matthew have been residents of Ventura all of their lives.  Tim and Matthew worked for the Dewire and Bafford Families  at Avenue Hardware on Ventura Avenue.   Tim had been there for 38 years until it closed in 2018.  Tim's practical skills have been honed over the years, and he was taught by a beloved Ventura Area Locksmith (Ron Schommer) and gained valuable experience as the lead shop Locksmith at Avenue Hardware for 25 years.  

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BY Tim Whelan


TML would like to remind You that having at least two keys for your car is a good idea.  If you purchased a used car and the dealer only provided one, or you have lost one of your car keys, do not delay getting a second copy.  It is a disaster waiting to happen if you only have one.  It is much more costly to obtain replacements and more technically difficult if you have lost all of your car keys.  TML can deal with most "all keys lost" situations for most manufactures.  However, German made vehicles such as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes present unique challenges that limit our ability to help you.  We are constantly furthering our education in automotive services.  Sometimes, you will find that one of your only options is to physically remove the immobilizer from the car and get out the heat gun and soldering iron.  Sounds expensive and risky doesn't it?  We have received some technical training in this area, but if we are not confident and comfortable with your particular situation, we will NOT take the risk and do the job even if you sign a waiver and beg us to go for it.  So here is the take away.  It is much more cost effective to obtain a copy of your working key, and there is less risk than an  "all keys lost" situation.   

Commercial and Residentail 

Locksmithing covers a wide variety of areas, such as repairing these bigbelly compactor units owned by the City of Ventura, shown in the photo here.  Matthew Whelan is servicing the lock mechanism and testing the electronics of the compaction system.  We love that we can work with the environmental services department of Ventura City!  

TML has the privilege of working with the Housing Authority of San Buenaventura.  We maintain all of the residental locks, service panic hardware, door closers, mailbox locks and even troubleshoot electronics.  We also work with several hotels in the area, industrial complexes, and many private residents. 

TML carries a quality supply of commercial and residental locks in stock and parts required for repair.  We will always do our best to repair versus replace because our goal is to complete your project most economically as possible without compromising your security.

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